Out singer-songwriters Steve Grand and Eli Lieb this week released a video for their new ballad Look Away.

In the video, the men sit back-to-back as they sing about heartbreak.

“I'll never touch your body again. We gave it our all but this is the end,” Lieb sings.

Lieb told Pride.com that the video was filmed the day after he broke up with his boyfriend.

“[T]he footage is so real and raw that I struggled if I even felt comfortable putting it out,” he said. “I wasn't sure I wanted everyone to see the pain I was in.”

“I hope it helps remind people that pain and love are so closely related; to not forget how powerful love is,” Lieb added.

Grand said that working with Lieb was a “true pleasure.”

“Though we are in a similar line of work, our personalities are very different, which I think we really got to see throughout the day we shot the video,” he said. “I’m an irreverent goofball and Eli is a more serious guy just really focused on his craft. I think it makes for an interesting collaboration.”

Grand and Lieb drew comparisons when they released similarly themed videos a week apart in 2013. Grand's self-funded All-American Boy tells a story of unrequited love, while Lieb's Young Love looks at two young men in love.