Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday expressed outrage that the National Football League (NFL) would back LGBT rights.

In announcing earlier this month its opposition to a Georgia bill approved by lawmakers but rejected by Governor Nathan Deal that sought to protect opponents of marriage equality, the NFL said that such policies may be used in determining future Super Bowl host sites.

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“The whole thing is absolutely ludicrous,” Robertson told his 700 Club viewers. “This is the greatest nation on Earth. We have degenerated beyond measure. And what are we fighting about? These things about transgender and so forth? I mean, who cares? This kind of thing is just absurd and we're making a big civil rights thing.”

Robertson described the NFL as a “supposed bunch of man-sized warriors” who are saying that they want gays to be their “heroes” and “won't go wherever the law says that Christians have a right to speak out.”

“The whole thing is absolutely absurd and it makes me sick to my stomach,” he added.