Brendon Boyd Urie, the 28-year-old lead vocalist of Panic! at the Disco, said this week that he would “totally make out” with actor Ryan Gosling's face.

During an appearance on KOB-FM's Zach Sang & the Gang, Urie's sexuality became a topic of discussion.

“You're into guys and girls too I heard,” Sang pointed out.

“Exactly, dude,” Urie, who in 2013 married wife Sarah Orzechowski.

“When people have asked me … whether I classify myself as straight, bi or whatever, I was like, 'You can classify me as I really don't care.' I don't think it matters. I like people.”

“If a person's good, I'm into that person. If a dude's hot, he's hot. I don't know. There's some good looking dudes out there. Look at Ryan Gosling, bro. I'd totally make out with his face,” Urie added with a laugh.