Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), on Tuesday lashed out at Georgia Governor Nathan Deal over his rejection of an anti-gay bill approved by lawmakers.

House Bill 757 sought to protect opponents of marriage equality. Critics of the measure, which included major companies and the Hollywood industry, said that it would allow businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community.

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In a blog post titled Victory, Betrayal and Backlash, Brown praised North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for signing a bill into law that effectively nullified an LGBT protections ordinance in Charlotte and attacked Deal for his veto. Both governors are Republicans.

“In Georgia, turncoat Republican Governor Nathan Deal just vetoed an extremely modest bill to protect pastors and churches from having to participate in same-sex 'weddings' and give some minor protection to religious schools from having to hire someone who openly opposes their religious beliefs,” Brown wrote. “Deal ignored dozens of examples of discrimination against people of faith that have occurred across the country and instead adopted the approach advocated by LGBT extremists that any accommodation of religious objections to gay 'marriage' amounts to 'discrimination' against gays and lesbians. Deal and the extremists demand that every single person, religious organization and small business in Georgia agree to personally participate in a same-sex 'wedding' ceremony if asked, regardless of their deeply-held religious views.”

“Emboldened by their successes and the retreat of those who had pledged to support people of faith, the activists will mount an all-out assault through the courts and legislatures to proactively force every American to salute their agenda at risk of massive civil fines, loss of livelihood and even imprisonment.”

“Bullies must be confronted and defeated or they will wreak havoc on those they confront. NOM is fighting the LGBT bullies and extremists, including challenging their corporate allies and the gutless politicians who succumb to their pressure,” Brown added before asking for a donation.