The Hollywood campaign calling on Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to veto an anti-gay bill approved by lawmaker gained major traction on Thursday.

The Free Exercise Protection Act (House Bill 757) would allow faith-based organizations to not hire or provide services to people who “violate” its sincerely held religious beliefs.

Disney, AMC and Marvel on Wednesday were the first to threaten a boycott of the state over the bill or call on Deal to veto the legislation.

Dozens of stars and industry leaders joined the fight on Thursday.

Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Lee Daniels, Ryan Murphy, the Weinstein brothers and dozens more added their names to a letter calling on Deal to reject the bill.

“As leaders in the entertainment industry, we have deep concerns about HB 757, which would sanction discrimination against LGBT people and others in Georgia,” the letter reads in part.

Studios and networks piled on, issuing releases throughout the day.

“We would be disappointed to see our pipeline of production end at the Georgia border because of this legislation,” said Amblin Partners, the studio helmed by Steven Spielberg.

Netflix was blunt in its response, saying that two planned projects would be moved out of Georgia if the bill becomes law.

CBS, Starz, Lionsgate, Sony, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Discovery, Viacom, MGM and Open Road Films also expressed their opposition to the bill.

Time Warner, which owns HBO, Warner Bros, CNN and Turner, said in a statement that “diversity in all its forms is core to our value system and to the success of our business.”

“We strongly oppose the discriminatory language and intent of Georgia's pending religious liberty bill, which clearly violates the values and principles of inclusion and the ability of all people to live and work free from discrimination,” Time Warner said.