During a recent appearance on HuffPost Live, out actor Jussie Smollett discussed AIDS prevention.

The 32-year-old Smollett is best known for his portrayal of musician Jamal Lyon on the Fox drama Empire.

Smollett warned against viewing AIDS as an issue from “yesteryear” and encouraged people to know their status.

“That's the problem with our generation as a whole that I want to really help change, is the idea that something is [from] yesteryear,” he said. “We get attached to these hashtags and it becomes this social media fad. But it's almost as if HIV/AIDS stopped being the thing to talk about before social media came around. We've gotta bring that back because we're not done.”

"People are still being infected at huge rates. We have to remember that it's not a death sentence. You can live with it and you can live a beautiful, wonderful life with it.”

“But it's also something that we can prevent. So for that, getting tested, knowing your status, being responsible for yourself and other people is so important – being honest with yourself, number one, so you can be honest with everyone else,” Smollett added.