A barber in Rancho Cucamonga, California has refused to cut a man's hair because he's transgender.

Kendall Oliver, an Army reservist, told CBS Los Angeles that Richard Hernandez, owner of the barber shop, turned him away, saying that his shop does not cut women's hair.

Oliver said that when he explained that he identifies as male, Hernandez responded: “It doesn't matter ma'am. We still won't cut a woman's hair.”

“I don't think that's how someone should be discriminated against,” Oliver told the station. “Whether they identify as male or female or transgender, a person is a person.”

Hernandez, a member of the Church of God, said that he has “religious convictions” that prevent him from “cutting women's hair.”

Hernandez added that he hopes that the U.S. Constitution will protect his rights.

In 2005, the Bay Area Center for Voting Research ranked Rancho Cucamonga as the 28th most conservative city in the United States.