Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders won two states on Super Saturday, while Hillary Rodham Clinton won Louisiana.

Sanders won by solid margins in Nebraska and Kansas.

In a tweet to supporters, Sanders said that his campaign had “the momentum, the energy and the excitement that will take us all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”

Speaking to the AP, Sanders said that Saturday's results show that he can win “decisively” over Clinton, who maintains a commanding lead over Sanders with at least 1,117 delegates to his 477, including superdelegates.

On the Republican side, Texas Senator Ted Cruz declared victories in Kansas and Maine “a manifestation of a real shift in momentum.” Trump captured victories in two states, Kentucky and Louisiana, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio won none.

“I would like to take on Ted one-on-one,” Trump said at a news conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. “That would be so much fun.”

Cruz echoed the thought, suggesting it was time for Rubio, who has won only one state, and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has won none, to end their campaigns.