A spin instructor in Westport, Connecticut received a surprise marriage proposal from his boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

Just moments into the indoor cycling class, instructor Jared Marinelli lost control as boyfriend Adam Keller put his plan in motion. What followed was a highly-choreographed performance to Jess Glynne's Hold My Hand.

Wearing “Team Jared” shirts, the class alternated between riding and dancing.

The room burst out in cheers when Jared answered “yes.”

JoyRide Cycling Studio, which employs the couple, said in a press release: “Valentine’s Day has long been designated as the day we tell our significant others and families we love them – but Adam Keller, a JoyRide instructor, took it one step further. What a better way to share his feelings about fellow JoyRide instructor and boyfriend, Jared Marinelli, than a top-secret, choreographed, flash mob, indoor cycling class proposal?”