Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the co-stars and co-creators of Comedy Central's hit comedy Broad City, cover the April issue of gay glossy Out.

Now in its third season, Broad City is being called groundbreaking for its unapologetic sexuality.

“It's a privilege that we get to be this fluid,” Glazer said. “Also, women's sexuality, women's queerdom – is much less threatening to the mainstream than men's.”

Jacobson said that viewers are often confused by the sexual ambiguity of the show's characters.

“I think when people watch it, they're like, 'What's the deal?' But it shouldn't be a deal. It's like, why can't anyone hook up with whoever they want?”

Glazer added: “I was just reading this article in which Lena [Dunham] interviewed Gloria Steinem. There was this awesome quote that I relate to, where Gloria said that your old lovers become some of your closest friends. And I find that too. And I like that all that can exist in the same space: Sexual, romantic, friendly feelings. That's sexual fluidity to me.”