Out actress Ellen Page said this week that we need to keep pushing for LGBT rights.

The 29-year-old Page came out gay in 2014 on Valentine's Day during a speech delivered at Time To THRIVE, an LGBT youth conference hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

“Obviously, the goal is that you don't have to make a speech,” Page told the Irish Times. “And that it's not a big deal. But I did receive so much support.”

“I suppose you have to think about all the people who don't get that support or any support. People who get kicked out of their homes and left in an incredibly vulnerable position. When you think about those people you accept that it is a news story right now. Maybe it should be. Until we can get to a place where it's not.”

On LGBT rights, Page said that “we need to keep pushing.”

“The recent Supreme Court decision was incredible, but there's a lot more to do. I think that a lot of the reactionary noise is evidence of the fact that there has been so much progress. Particularly among young people, and that includes young Republicans, the majority of whom are okay with marriage equality,” she said.

“And if people who never stood with us or who actively fought against us getting equal rights – if they get into power, then that's a major issue. … If they're in any kind of position of influence, it's a cause for concern.”

“What they say offends people and that's not fair to have to listen to that if you're young and queer,” Page added.

Page's latest project, Gaycation, premieres Monday, February 29 on Viceland.

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