Appearing at this weekend's Time To THRIVE, an LGBT youth conference hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), transgender teen Jazz Jennings called for greater rights for transgender youth.

Jennings, the subject of the TLC reality series I Am Jazz, and her family began speaking out about the challenges of growing up transgender since she was six.

“LGBTQ youth ... face bullying, harassment and discrimination,” Jennings said. “While I have the support of my family and my school, other LGBTQ youth aren't so lucky. And even for those who do have support, it can feel really difficult at times to face the world.”

“Let's all work together to pave the way for future genderations of transgender youth to live better lives.”

“The hatred, cruelty, bullying, rejection and discrimination must stop. No more suicides and no more murders – too many loved ones have been lost,” she added.