In an interview with gay glossy Out, Noah Silver discussed his gay character on the FX drama Tyrant.

On the show, Silver plays Samuel “Sammy” Al-Fayeed, the gay American son of a Los Angeles pediatrician who fled a fictional country in the Middle East ruled by his family.

“Sammy's homosexuality isn't the focus of the plot,” Silver said, “and yet it's highly relevant to this insane situation that he and his family find themselves in.”

Silver added that he's heard from Middle East kids who have connected with his character.

“It’s amazing to get comments on social media from kids in the Middle East who watch the show and really connect with my character, Sammy. He’s this American kid suddenly plucked from his protected L.A. bubble, then struggling to fight for young people’s gay rights. His boyfriend is even killed by ISIS. The show touches people coming to terms with their identity in their own country. I’ve heard things like, ‘You are literally portraying what I go through and can’t express,'” Silver told the magazine.