Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.

Sanders won over his Democratic rival, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by more than 20 percentage points. Polling leading into the contest showed Sanders ahead. The win comes a week after Clinton edged out Sanders in Iowa.

“They've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me,” Sanders told his supporters, “and I have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well.”

Young voters propelled Sanders to victory in New Hampshire, where he built a larger coalition of young voters than the one President Barack Obama had in 2008.

Roughly an hour after the polls closed and she had called Sanders to concede, Clinton made mention of that fact.

“I know I have some work to do especially with young people but like I said earlier this week even though they're not supporting me, I am supporting them,” she told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. “I know what it's like to stumble and fall.”

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won 35.3 percent of the vote. Trailing behind him were Ohio Governor John Kasich (15.8%), Texas Senator Ted Cruz (11.7%) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (11%). Florida Senator Marco Rubio won 10.6 percent of the vote.

Trump's win comes a week after Cruz's victory in Iowa. “I'm not gong to forget you. You started it,” Trump sold supporters.