The director of a rural Tennessee school district said Monday that the district would not take action against a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club.

Formation of the GSA in December at Franklin County High School in Winchester has met with resistance from some parents.

The Tennessean reported last week that parents John Wimley and Chris Ball were encouraging others to “stand against” the club meeting on school property. “If we do not ban together and stop this B.S. the next thing you know they will have F.I.M.A. (Future ISIS Members of America) #PutGodInSchoolsPlease,” Wimley reportedly wrote on Facebook.

Supporters and opponents of the club packed the school's auditorium to discuss the issue at Monday's school board meeting.

“I'm not going to stand for my children to be [subjected] to homosexuality in the school system” parent Robert Widelick told the board.

Kevin Hambrick, a freshman at the school and member of the GSA, spoke in support of the club: “You can take us down. You can take our signs down. You can take the tears out of our eyes. But we still have a legal right to keep meeting.”

The board said that it was looking at creating new policies surrounding student organizations in the school system. Franklin County Schools Director Amie Lonas said after the meeting that any new policy would not affect current organizations, such as the GSA.