Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Friday was crowned Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals 50th Man of the Year at the group's annual celebration.

The oldest theatrical organization in the United States honored Gordon-Levitt with a roast and a golden Pudding Pot.

During the roast, Gordon-Levitt was asked by a drag queen to perform a sexy dance for her. He took off his tux coat and started grinding his hips. Photos from the skit show the drag queen backing up into Gordon-Levitt.

“These last few days getting to know the young men and women who have been running this Pudding program, I've really noticed a thoughtfulness, an optimism, a passion, a worldliness, as well as a sense of humor that really leaves me feeling optimistic about people who are younger than I am,” the 34-year-old Gordon-Levitt said.

At an outdoor public event, Gordon-Levitt received the key to the city from the mayor. A skit performed at the event included the honoree participating in a speed date with a drag queen. The setting was a romantic Italian restaurant. Soon the pair were on their feet swaying cheek to cheek – “Baby,” the drag queen cried out when Gordon-Levitt dipped her. The drag queen said that the scene reminded her of Lady and the Tramp. Putting a penne noodle in her mouth, she asked, “You want some?” To which Gordon-Levitt answered by devouring the pasta from her mouth.