Kentucky clerk Kim Davis said in an interview last week that it was a “joy to be chosen” by God to block gay marriage.

Davis is the elected clerk of Rowan County who last year defied a federal judge's ruling ordering her office to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples. Davis refused, claiming that to issue such licenses to gay and lesbian couples would violate her conscience. Her unsuccessful attempt to keep her office from issuing such licenses turned her into a Christian celebrity.

While her office is complying with the law, Davis has not dropped her legal claims.

In an interview broadcast Friday, American Family Radio host Sandy Rios praised Davis for taking a stand on the issue.

“It's interesting to me how God chose you,” Rios said. “Not a Sunday school teacher. Not a Republican. Not the standard – this is like God, this is so like God. So he chose you.”

It's “a joy to be chosen,” Davis responded, “to make a stand and to defend my God's word. The infallible word of God.”

Rios agreed: “You were chosen, Kim. I know that. God picked you; plucked you out.”