Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson over the weekend denounced marriage equality and protections for transgender people as “extra rights” for “a few people who perhaps are abnormal.”

Speaking to the Catholic network EWTN's Matthew Franck of the conservative Witherspoon Institute, Carson warned that “our time is running out.”

“If we don't stand up for principles now and we get a progressive [president] and they get two or three Supreme Court picks, say goodbye to America,” Carson said.

When Franck asked Carson what he would do as president to make sure that federal funding will not be used to “force districts to require girls to shower with boys” and restore local control over education, Carson used the opportunity to defend his opposition to LGBT rights, claiming that “political correctness” was destroying America.

“You see how silly this is,” he said. “I mean, it’s beyond ridiculous that you take the most abnormal situation and then you make everyone else conform to it. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That’s one of the very reasons that I have been an outspoken opponent of things like gay marriage. I don’t have any problem with gay people doing anything they want to do. You know, it’s a free country, there’s freedom of association. However, when you now impose your value system on everybody else and change fundamental definitions and principles of society, I have a big problem with that. Everybody is equal, everybody has equal rights, but nobody gets extra rights. And when we start trying to impose the extra rights based on a few people who perhaps are abnormal, where does that lead?”

Carson added that allowing gay couples to marry could lead to plural marriages and called arguments for transgender rights “garbage.”

“We are absolutely destroying ourselves because we are paying attention to political correctness,” he claimed.