Noah Galvin, who plays 16-year-old Kenny O'Neal on the upcoming ABC sitcom The Real O'Neals, says his coming out was very different from that of his character.

The show revolves around a picture-perfect family that is turned upside down when Kenny comes out gay.

At the show's Television Critics Association (TCA) panel on Saturday, Galvin was asked what he thinks the response will be to a gay teen coming out on prime time network television.

“There is a very clear distinction between how young people view the show as opposed to older people, who [may] have gone through this,” he answered.

“I'm gay myself and I haven't gone through a lot of the things that Kenny goes through in the series,” Galvin, 21, added.

In an interview with The New York Times, Todd Holland, an executive producer on the series, said that he wanted a gay actor to play the role of Kenny.

“As a gay man, this is a landmark role on network television,” he said. “It should not be played by a straight man pretending to be gay.”

The Real O'Neals is loosely based on the life of gay activist and author Dan Savage, whose participation in the project led conservative groups to launch an unsuccessful campaign to convince ABC to drop the show.

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The Real O'Neals premieres Wednesday, March 2.