Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Monday attacked the Supreme Court's June ruling striking down state gay marriage bans.

Cruz, also a Texas senator, denounced the high court's decision during a campaign appearance in Winterset, Iowa with James Dobson, founder of the Christian conservative Focus on the Family.

“[The Supreme Court] is absolutely killing us,” Dobson exclaimed. “Especially with regard to what they've just recently done to marriage.”

“Let me quote the movie Jerry Maguire: You had me at hello,” Cruz responded.

“We saw last summer, in a period of 24 hours, two lawless decisions back to back,” he continued. “First the Supreme Court rewrote federal law, ignored the text of Obamacare, in order to rewrite that statute and force that failed policy, that failed law, on millions of Americans. And then 24 hours later, five unelected judged ignored the constitution and purported to tear down the marriage laws of all 50 states. Those decisions were fundamentally illegitimate, they were lawless, and they will not stand.”

Cruz also called on evangelical Christians to vote: “If we allow nonbelievers to elect our leaders, we shouldn't be surprised when our government doesn't reflect our values.”

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