Scottish actor Alan Cumming says in a new interview that he's fed up with the accusation that he hid his bisexuality in his memoir.

Cumming, 50, published Not My Father's Son: A Family Memoir in 2014.

The book details his family history and the abuse he suffered at the hands of his late father.

Cumming (The Good Wife, X2: X-Men United) currently lives in New York with his husband Grant Shaffer, a graphic artist. He was previously married for eight years to British actress Hilary Lyon.

In an interview with The Independent, Cumming said that he was “a little tired” of being asked why he didn't mention his two marriages in the book.

“But that's not what this book is about,” Cumming replied. “It's not about me being bisexual. I get a little tired of everything – if I was straight, you wouldn't think that I should make references to the fact that I was straight, so it just feels a little bit double standard-y. The whole bisexual thing keeps coming up, and I just think that, eventually, hopefully, we'll all live in a world where we don't talk about it as much and just get on with it.”