A Utah court for the first time has recognized a gay couple's relationship as a common-law marriage.

Nicki Bidlack, 41, fought for her 8-year relationship with Sara Clow, 29, to be recognized as a common-law marriage so that she could access critical benefits for her 2-year-old son. Clow, who is the biological mother, died from injuries she sustained from a car accident last year.

On December 4, Bidlack received an amended birth certificate which lists both women as the boy's mothers.

“This is what she would have wanted,” an emotional Bidlack told The Salt Lake Tribune. “She wanted him from before he was born. To have her name on it … to have him see her name, even though she's not here … she would be happy.”

Without the recognition, Clow's estate and death benefits were not available to Bidlack or her son.

“I feel like he's been denied things that any other child would have had,” Bidlack said.

Utah is among the eight states that recognize common-law marriage.