Christian conservative Linda Harvey last week denounced the Equality Act, a proposed bill that seeks nationwide LGBT protections.

The White House backed the measure in November.

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On her radio program, Harvey, president of the Columbus-based Mission America, warned listeners that endorsing such laws is “the least compassionate, the meanest and most hateful thing you can do,” because it will lead to more people thinking it is okay to be LGBT.

She called on her listeners to contact their members of Congress and urge them to oppose the legislation.

When Harvey's guest, Cleveland Right To Life's Molly Smith, noted that Christians should “love” gay people even while being “completely, completely opposed to the behavior of a homosexual,” Harvey agreed.

“They’ve been told that this is compassion,” Harvey said. “And we all feel compassion for these people, and some of them are struggling. Some of them are not struggling, some of them are very happy with where they’re at and then they want the whole world to change around them and the desires they have adopted.”

“That can’t happen. We want truth. We want truth to be maintained for those people who are struggling and who want to escape it. We don’t want more children to be drawn into this and so, on a public policy level, the least compassionate, the meanest and most hateful thing you can do is to endorse things that will accelerate and confirm this behavior in more and more people in our country,” she added.