Olympian Johnny Weir's ex-husband Victor Voronov is engaged to marry.

According to the New York Post gossip blog Page Six, Voronov, a 32-year-old lawyer, and Joti Polizoakis, a 20-year-old ice dancer for the German national team, are planning to marry.

“It's just a little bit ironic that it happened this way,” Voronov told Page Six, a reference to Weir's accomplished career as a figure skater.

He added that Polizoakis proposed.

Following two years of marriage, Weir and Voronov announced in March 2014 that they were divorcing. Their separation played out in headlines as Weir moved forward with a new career as a television personality.

Voronov said that he met his future husband in the winter of 2014 at the Atlanta airport.

“After a while, months and months of speaking, I developed trust,” he said.

Polizoakis is currently training in Michigan for the upcoming 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

“The plan is to have children after the first Olympics, which is 2018,” Voronov said.

He also praised his fiance: “This person is the most genuine, kind, honest and sweet person. I've never been treated better in my life. Anybody would be lucky to know a person like this.”