Out actor Danny Pintauro says he's a huge supporter of Truvada.

Pintauro, a former child star best known for playing Jonathan Bower on Who's the Boss, announced in September that he's been living with HIV for 12 years. He came out gay in 1997.

In a new interview with Plus, Pintauro credited his husband Wil Tabares for helping him become the advocate he said that he wishes he could have become when he first came out.

That advocacy includes promotion of pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP – commonly known as Truvada.

When taken regularly, Truvada reduces the risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, from sex.

“I'm a huge supporter of PrEP,” he said. “If you add PrEP to the equation, we virtually have the tools to end new infections and that's so exciting. But people barely know about it. And you have to take it every day for it to actually work. Also, just because you're on PrEP doesn't mean you can't use condoms. What about all of the other STIs that are out there? Some of which are just as difficult to treat and none of which you want to have. It still requires responsibility and the misconception is that we've surrounded PrEP with this free-for-all.”

Pintauro added that Truvada's cost, estimated at $3,000 a month, remains a barrier.