David Moore and David Ermold discussed standing up to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis in an interview with men's fashion glossy GQ.

Moore and Ermold were repeatedly denied a marriage license by Davis, who claimed that to grant them a marriage license would violate her conscience. Video of their rejections catapulted Davis into a Christian celebrity.

Moore told the magazine that he knew he was gay at a young age.

“I was always picked on. I was the smallest kid, plus I was gay, plus I was poor,” he said.

The men met on a dating site. Moore, who didn't have a computer, messaged his future husband on a library computer.

“About four months after we first messaged, he came down to Kentucky to visit from Pennsylvania. Four months after that, he moved down here full-time,” Moore said.

Ermold also grew up poor outside Philadelphia. He said his parents split up when he was 5 because his father was “a bad man.”

Davis' continued refusals to issue marriage licenses to gay couples landed her a brief stint in jail.

Moore said that he cried when he learned that Davis had been jailed.

“This is not what I wanted,” he sobbed.

“We're also complicit in her fame. We're the ones that filmed her originally. It's funny, I saw the rally speech where she said, 'God is on the throne. He's on the throne.' She sees herself in that position. It's not God,” Moore added.

The men agreed that the controversy was emotional because it made each realize that they had become desensitized to homophobia.

“Even among friends, we've come to accept it,” Moore said. “We had a mirror held up and realized, okay, this was happening all this time, but we just ignored it. We just let people treat us this way all this time.”

“That's what's the hardest thing about it all: the reminder that you've been letting it happen for so long,” Ermold added. “And I have that word accommodation, because we've been already making accommodations for our entire lives.”