Actress Gaby Hoffmann discussed in a recent interview criticism of Caitlyn Jenner's role as a representative of the transgender community.

Hoffmann is best known for her roles on HBO's Girls and Amazon's Transparent, which revolves around the Pfefferman family and the later-in-life coming out transgender of a parent.

“There is an argument that [Jenner] is not good for the trans community because her life story perhaps doesn't represent the real struggles that everyday trans folk face,” HuffPost Live's Alex Miranda started. “What do you think of that take on what Caitlyn Jenner has become as a symbol and a representative, in a way, of the trans community?”

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“It's true that most people in the trans community don't have the incredible wealth and privilege that Caitlyn does,” Hoffmann responded. “I don't think that that in any way diminishes her struggle in her own transitioning. And I think that the fact that we had a trans woman on the cover of Vanity Fair…I think that's only good for the trans community. I can't imagine that the more that we talk about this [isn't] doing everybody a lot of good.”

“The more trans women that we have out there in the world making a splash, which she certainly does in all of her beauty, the better,” she added.