Arkansas officials said Wednesday that they would appeal a judge's ruling ordering officials to record the names of both spouses in a same-sex marriage on the birth certificates of their children.

The Arkansas Department of Health said that it would comply with the order and issue amended birth certificates for the children of the three couples who brought the complaint.

According to the AP, one of the plaintiff couples was issued an amended certificate on Wednesday.

The Arkansas Department of Health's Vital Statistics Bureau cited long-established regulations in refusing to list both parents in a same-sex marriage on their children's birth certificates.

Circuit Judge Tim Fox's Tuesday ruling clears the way for other similarly situated gay couples to receive amended birth certificates, attorneys for the plaintiffs said.

Judd Deere, communications director for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, said in a statement that the state would appeal the ruling.

“Attorney General Rutledge has advised the Department of Health to follow Judge Fox's order with regard to amending the birth certificates of the three minors in this case,” Deere said. “However, to avoid confusion and uncertainty created by other parts of the order, the Attorney General will ask the Arkansas Supreme Court to stay the decision and will appeal.”