A three-minute video released last week asks people of various cultures what they would do if their child were gay or lesbian.

Most of the people interviewed said that they would accept their child but at least two women said they would not.

“I will kill him,” a woman from the United Arab Emirates told Culture Beats.

“Why do you want to kill him?” the interviewer asked.

“It's against the natural law, I think,” a male voice not in the shot answered.

“Yeah,” the woman agreed.

A woman from Azerbaijan said that she would attempt to alter her child's sexuality.

“I would be very upset, personally,” she said. “And I would try to consult a doctor about it to see why he is gay. To see what brought him to be gay. … His hormones, then it is from God. If it is because of the society, then I will try to help him.”

A woman from Russia said that she would “not do anything.”

“I think God said that we can't judge,” she said.

A man from Iran said that he would be “sad” but in the end would accept his child: “You cannot get rid of your children, but I would not be happy, no.”