Out singer Adam Lambert on Friday tweeted that he's fighting homophobia through his music.

“Fighting homophobia one song at a time,” the 33-year-old Lambert tweeted to his more than 2.5 million followers.

The message was retweeted and hearted more than 6,000 times.

While not an explicit response to a petition to block Lambert from performing at a New Year's Eve event in Marina Bay, Singapore, the tweet was posted soon after major media reported on the controversy.

As of Saturday, more than 18,800 Singaporeans have signed on to the iPetitions.com petition that calls Lambert “an inappropriate choice” for the countdown show and calls on its organizer, MediaCorp, to remove Lambert from the lineup.

“[Lambert's] track record displays a flagrant disregard for the sensitivities of his audience – including whether or not children are watching,” the petition states. “Singaporeans can enjoy a good show without their consciences being affronted by lewd acts in the name of entertainment. In addition, a simple online search would reveal that he is well-known for his active promotion of a highly sexualized lifestyle and LGBT rights, both of which are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values.”

The petition includes photos of Lambert's 2009 American Music Awards (AMA) performance, in which he kissed a male keyboardist and simulated oral sex.

Lambert faced similar criticism in 2013 when he performed at a church-owned venue in Singapore.

“Someone asked me in an interview, 'Are you promoting a certain lifestyle?'” Lambert told a Singaporean audience estimated at 4,500. “My answer was, 'The only lifestyle I am promoting is one of love and friendship, music, joy and fashion.' So whoever wants to be part of that lifestyle, yeah, we accept anybody.”