Appearing Friday on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, said that Charlie Sheen's HIV message left him “confused.”

Sheen last week told Today show anchor Matt Lauer that he's HIV-positive and that he was blackmailed by people in his “inner circle.”

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Cohen suggested that in coming forward Sheen had squandered an opportunity to “say or do something.”

“Before he came out and said I have HIV it felt like the 80s, where there was this HIV shame going around,” Cohen said. “And then it turned out that he was coming out because he had been blackmailed … On the Today show I found it a little irresponsible that he was on with this doctor who was … guiding him through having unprotected sex with these high-risk individuals. And it just seemed to me like he had an opportunity to say something or do something, and the message was very murky. I left feeling very confused.”

“I obviously wish him great health, but it was upsetting and then to find out that he claimed, 'Oh, I've told everyone that I've been with that this is my status,' but then all these women came out and said, 'No, he never told me.' It just got very messy very quickly,” Cohen added.