CNN anchor Don Lemon paid a visit to Late Night Joy, the nascent late-night talk show hosted by Joy Behar, where he discussed how coming out helped his career.

Behar's new weekly show, which is filmed in her New York City apartment, premiered November 4 on TLC.

Lemon appears in the series' third episode, which is titled Don Lemon Lets It All Hang Out.

Lemon came out in Transparent, his 2011 memoir. His first television interview was with Behar on her now-canceled HLN talk show, a fact she enjoyed repeating several times during Lemon's visit to her apartment.

“You came out on my show. Do you remember?” Behar asked.

When asked whether he was dating anyone, Lemon answered that he was but refused to provide details other than to say that he likes “a man who looks like a man.”

“Like a Chris Christie?” Behar jokingly asked.

“After you came out – on my show – did your ratings go up on your show?” Behar asked.

“Yes. I think my career took off after that,” Lemon answered, adding that he credits his success to “authenticity.”