Danny Pintauro on Wednesday penned an op-ed about Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen's revelation for HIV Plus.

Sheen on Tuesday told Today show anchor Matt Lauer that he's HIV-positive.

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Pintauro, a former child star best known for playing Jonathan Bower on Who's the Boss, announced in September that he's been living with HIV for 12 years. He came out gay in 1997.

“It took me twelve years to get to a place where I was ready to tell the world [my status] … I commend Charlie for realizing it was time to take control of his story,” Pintauro wrote.

“The effect stigma has on HIV has never been clearer – as Charlie's story indicates, people will go to great lengths to keep others from knowing their status.”

“I believe we are on the verge of changing the way people look at HIV and I couldn’t be more fired up to do my part to [effect] that change. This is an opportunity to learn and teach. And so I urge you to set aside any negativity and take the time to educate yourself and others instead. Find out about PrEP, a once daily pill to protect against HIV. Learn about the amazing advancements in treatment, what 'undetectable' means, and how treatment not only helps those with HIV be healthy, but also helps prevent the spread of the disease (treatment as prevention),” he added.