Legendary guitarist Brian May has described Adam Lambert as a “gift from God” for fronting Queen.

Lambert, who is currently promoting his latest studio album, The Original High, has toured with Queen over the past several years.

May has previously credited Lambert with “waking up” Queen after the 1991 death of Freddie Mercury, the group's vocalist, from complications from AIDS.

In accepting the Living Legend Award for Queen at the Classic Rock Awards in London last week, May thanked Lambert for his contributions to the band.

“We didn't look for a singer, we really didn't,” May said. “But then suddenly out of the blue comes this GFG, as I call him, a gift from God. And it's Adam Lambert with his stupendous voice and his stupendous presence. And in no way a copy of Freddie but he can do that stuff. And it's been amazing.”

May also confirmed that Lambert would return to front Queen as it headlines June's Isle of Wight Festival in England.