Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Saturday told a crowd of evangelicals that the issue of whether gay and lesbian couples can marry is not settled.

Speaking at a “rally for religious freedom” at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, Cruz, a senator from Texas, vowed to “fight” marriage equality.

“This is not settled,” Cruz said. “It's not the law of the land. It's not the Constitution. It's not legitimate, and we will stand and fight.”

Cruz told the audience that the Tenth Amendment leaves the definition of marriage “to the states and … people.”

Cruz has made his opposition to the Supreme Court's June ruling striking down gay marriage bans nationwide an essential message of his campaign.

At Saturday's event, he also took a swipe at GOP rivals who have “moved on,” calling their reactions to the high court's ruling “sad.”

Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz, and his father, Rafael Cruz, also attended the event. The elder Cruz, a pastor, said that he believes that the ruling had awakened evangelical voters.