British Olympic diver Tom Daley jokes that he raced fiance Dustin Lance Black to propose marriage.

Daley, 21, who came out bisexual in a 2013 YouTube video, and Black, a 41-year-old Oscar-winning screenwriter, started dating in the summer of that year.

The couple made public their engagement in an announcement titled “Mr T.R. Daley and Mr D.L. Black” in the Times of London's Birth, Marriages and Deaths section.

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Daley told ES Magazine that he proposed marriage at Black's house on Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

“There was a race,” Daley said with a laugh. “I took the ring with me from London.”

“I could never find a place where we were alone,” Daley continued. “It's scary to ask, and you're psyched up. Eventually I decided I had to do it and it ended up being in the house. Lance was surprised, but then he went and got the ring he'd bought for me. He'd been having a similar problem. We'd both told each other's parents before flying out.”