Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich last week cheered repeal of an LGBT-inclusive anti-bias law in Houston.

Roughly 60 percent of Houston voters voted against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). The campaign to repeal the law largely centered on the false claim that it allowed sexual predators to enter women's bathrooms.

“I was delighted to see that the people of Houston voted for common sense,” Gingrich, a Republican, said during an appearance on the Houston-area program The Sam Malone Show to promote his new novel, Duplicity.

He went on to say that he hopes the defeat will push Congress to reject a Department of Education finding that Title IX protects transgender students.

“In fact, I hope the Congress is going to pick up on Houston and do the same thing to a new Department of Education regulation that says that boys who want to can declare themselves transgender and use girls’ bathrooms in high school, which I think is just one of those things where you shake your head and you wonder how really lacking in understanding of human nature the bureaucrats are who write this stuff,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich went on to criticize the Obama administration's support for transgender rights, comparing it to the administration's policy in Syria.

“They are as far out of touch with reality in foreign policy as they are in these cultural values they keep trying to impose on the rest of us,” he said.