Out actor Zachary Quinto says “a couple” of closeted gay stars have asked him for advice.

“I just share my experience and say, 'This is how it went down for me, this is how I feel,'” Quinto told UK glossy Attitude.

“I tell them, 'Trust that even if it means you're not as famous, or even if it means it's not exactly what you thought it would be, it's still more valuable when you're assessing your life at the end of that,'” he added.

Quinto, who appears on the cover of Attitude's “Red Issue,” which coincides with World AIDS Day (December 1), also said that the yearly event was “utterly essential.”

World AIDS Day is “utterly essential … Not just in marking the advancement, progress and fight against the disease, but also cultivating knowledge and awareness of it for people all over the world,” said Quinto, who will reprise his role as Commander Spock in next year's Star Trek Beyond.