Retired pro boxer Yusaf Mack announced this week that he's gay.

Last week, the 35-year-old father of 10 claimed that he had no knowledge of starring in a gay adult film. He responded to questions about the film by claiming that he was drugged and forced into performing.

Under threat of a lawsuit from the company that produced the film, Mack issued an apology and announced that he's bisexual.

Mack began an interview with Philadelphia's Fox 29 by saying that he's gay.

“I'm gay. I'm tired of holding it in. It is what it is. I live my life. I'm gay,” he said, adding that he's known about his sexual orientation for “about eight years.”

He said that he filmed porn because he was “down and out” and that news of the film surfacing “hurt” him and drove him to thoughts of suicide. He added that his oldest daughter told him he was an embarrassment to the family and that he should kill himself.

Mack said he's no longer suicidal.

“The truth is out, and I'm sorry,” he said. “You gonna like me or love me regardless. I'm still me. So, when you see me on the streets, I'm still Yusaf Mack.”