Rufus Gifford, the U.S. ambassador to Denmark, announced Saturday that he had married his partner in Copenhagen, the country's capital city.

The couple exchanged vows at City Hall. Denmark in 1989 became the first nation to legalize marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Gifford, who was elevated to his current post in 2013, wrote on Twitter: “Today: Stephen and I get married @ Copenhagen City Hall - 26 ys ago the site of 1st legal gay unions in the world. Humbled and emotional.”

In a later tweet, he shared a photo of himself and husband Stephen DeVincent, a 56-year-old veterinarian, dressed in tuxedos and showing off their wedding bands.

“Married! In the land that created fairy tales, we just started our own … Feeling such happiness and gratitude,” he wrote.

Gifford, 41, is a vocal LGBT rights advocate and is one of six openly gay U.S. ambassadors.