Bryant University assistant coach Chris Burns came out gay on Wednesday, making him the first openly gay Division I men's basketball coach.

Burns discussed his sexuality for the first time publicly in a personal essay posted on

He said that keeping his sexuality a secret resulted in pushing away family and friends.

“Slowly, piece by piece, I became detached from everyone,” Burns said. “That's what the closet does to you, and it did it to me in the worst way: Detaching from my family and my best friend.”

Burns said that the Supreme Court's June ruling striking down gay marriage bans in all 50 states was so powerful that it made coming out a “no-brainer.”

“When I saw how powerful it was for people, and when I had the time to sit and think about how this affects me and has shaped my own journey in life, it became a no-brainer,” he said.

Burns added that reaction to his coming out has been positive.