Appearing on CBS' The Talk, Hollywood actress Ellen Page discussed how working on the film Freeheld influenced her decision to come out gay.

The 28-year-old Page came out last year during a speech at an HRC-sponsored LGBT youth conference.

In Freeheld, Page plays Stacie Andree, whose domestic partner Lieutenant Laurel Hester (played by Julianne Moore) is fighting for the right to leave her Ocean County, New Jersey police pension to Andree as she faces a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. Page had been attached to the film for a number of years.

“When the film first came up, when I was 21, I was quite a closeted person, shall we say,” Page told the co-hosts. “And it really was kind of amazing how my own story correlated and paralleled with the development of this film. And there really are people like Laurel and Stacie that inspire you. They inspire you to do the right thing for yourself, to be a happier person and to be a visible person for the community.”

“It was a pretty fortunate experience to get to have and to be a part of telling the story,” she added.