A Campbell's Soup ad features a real-life gay couple and their son.

David Monahan and Larry Sullivan are seen feeding their son “Star Wars” soup in the 30-second spot.

Sullivan recites one of the film franchise's most famous lines, “I am your father.”

“No, no. I am your father,” Monahan adds.

“That's gotta be the worst Vader ever,” Sullivan remarks.

According to AdAge, the spot is part of Campbell's “Made for Real, Real Life” campaign, which features a diverse mix of American families.

Yin Woon Rani, Campbell's VP-marketing activation, called the spot “endearing” in remarks to AdAge.

Gay glossy Out reported that Sullivan played Robert, a ballet dancer who dated Will, on an episode of the NBC sitcom Will & Grace titled Jingle Balls and that Sullivan and Monahan also appear together in a Sabra hummus commercial.