Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Monday called for the impeachment of the federal judge who sent Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to jail.

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning found Davis, the elected clerk of Rowan County, in contempt for refusing to comply with his ruling ordering her to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples. Davis has stated that issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples would violate her conscience.

Fischer told his radio listeners that Bunning should be removed from office for supposedly imposing a “religious test” on Davis.

“He imposed a religious test on Kim Davis,” Fischer said. “He said if your religion does not allow you to affirm homosexual behavior and homosexual marriage, you can't work here.”

“So, basically, he instituted a ban on Christians serving in public office because of your religion. I'm applying a religious test to you. You've got to have a religious view that is okay with gay marriage or you are not going to be allowed to serve in public office.”

“It would be appropriate for Judge Bunning to be impeached and to be removed from office,” Fischer added.

Bunning, however, was satisfied with deputy clerks issuing the marriage licenses.

Writing at Right Wing Watch, Kyle Mantyla responded to Fischer: “It is Davis, of course, who is imposing her religious views on everyone else, but Fischer thinks that not allowing her to do that amounts to the imposition of an unconstitutional religious test.”