Franklin Graham has criticized President Barack Obama for illuminating the White House in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court's ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage.

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Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association, said that “the floodgates of acceptance of this practice of sexual immorality were opened wide” under the “zealous gay/lesbian activism of President Obama.”

“Never, though, would I have dreamed that our president would light up the White House with the vivid bright rainbow colors of the gay movement. It was a deliberate, measured step by the president to flaunt and celebrate a disastrous [Supreme Court] ruling that blatantly defies God's moral law,” Graham opined in the September issue of Decision magazine, a publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Graham went on to suggest that rainbows are a sign of a dying civilization.

“When the rainbow appears in the Book of Revelation, it precedes the impending, unstoppable wrath that will come upon all who rebel against Christ.”

“I cannot overstate what a dangerous era we have now entered. Immorality and depraved debauchery are not only endorsed by courts and political leaders, but these are joyfully celebrated,” Graham wrote.