A panel of legal experts appearing Monday on Fox News called on Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to do her job or resign.

Davis, the elected clerk of Rowan County, spent the Labor Day weekend behind bars after a federal judge on Thursday found her in contempt for ignoring his ruling ordering her to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples. Davis has said that issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples would violate her conscience.

Davis on Sunday appealed the judge's ruling.

“Her chances on appeal, how would you handicap that?” Happening Now host Gregg Jarrett asked trial attorney Chip Merlin.

“Pretty slim,” Merlin answered. “When a judge tells you to do something … and you refuse to do so, you can expect to be thrown in jail.”

Jarrett noted that Davis can practice her faith “just not on the job in a way that interferes with the legal rights of the citizens she serves.”

Criminal defense attorney Sharon Liko called Davis “a hypocrite.”

“She's applying for the job of a martyr. She wants to practice her faith by not issuing marriage licenses. Yet, she will not agree to let the deputy county clerks issue marriage licenses even if it's okay with their faith,” Liko said.

Jarrett criticized Davis' attorney, Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver, for stating that it was “questionable” whether the Supreme Court had the constitutional authority to strike down state bans on gay marriage.

“[T]he Constitution gives the Supreme Court constitutional authority to decide constitutional issues!” Jarrett said.

“I would say it's just a ridiculously stupid statement,” Liko said. “The Supreme Court does just that. And they determine constitutional issues. They resolve these kinds of disputes.”

“This woman has a choice: She can either follow the law, she can do her job, or she can get out,” she added.