Conservative columnist George Will said Sunday that Virginia shooter Vester Lee Flanagan had “bought into the grievance culture of our times.”

Flanagan killed WDBJ TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, as Parker interviewed a Roanoke Chamber of Commerce official during a live broadcast. The former employee, who appeared on-air as Bryce Williams, died Wednesday from self-inflicted wounds as he was being pursued by police.

According to various reports, Flanagan said that he felt as if he had been treated unfairly during his employment at WDBJ.

“When these horrific events occur, there's an irresistible itch to commit sociology to find some explanation, causal link in some social prompting,” Will opined during a Fox News Sunday appearance.

“This gentleman, this man was a gay African-American who nevertheless was hired in spite of what he took to be insuperable handicaps. And he does seem to have bought into the grievance culture of our times, feeling prickly and set upon at all times by all people.”

“There are times you have to throw up your hands and say there's evil in the world. Always has been. Always will be,” he added.