Openly gay actress Lily Tomlin says she's dumbfounded by the increasing support for LGBT rights.

The 75-year-old Tomlin plays Ellie, a lesbian poet coping with the recent death of her longtime partner, in Grandma, her first leading role in twenty-seven years. Grandma opens in theaters Friday.

Tomlin, who married her wife Jane Wagner in 2013, was asked by whether the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down gay marriage bans in all 50 states felt “significant.”

“It's been dumbfounding to me how the gay community has been so successful in progressing,” Tomlin answered. “I think it’s a matter of enough kids coming out to their parents and their neighbors and their relatives – and slowly, it burgeoned into a big awareness that my kid is gay, or my grandchild, or the kid around the corner.”

“It’s made people soften, and then suddenly we're enveloped and assimilated into the culture. And I thought it was amazing and remarkable,” she added.