A trailer for director Roland Emmerich's upcoming gay rights drama Stonewall has been released online.

Stonewall tells a fictional story about a young man's political awakening set against the backdrop of the early days of the modern gay rights movement. Historians often credit the June 28, 1969 police raid of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village as a major flashpoint for the movement. While such raids at the time were common at gay bars, patrons on that night, many of whom were drag queens, resisted arrest.

Starring Jeremy Irvine (War Horse), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (The Tudors), Jonny Beauchamp (How to Make It in America) and Ron Pearlman (Hellboy), Stonewall arrives at a pivotal moment for the movement, which is moving from fighting for marriage equality to protecting the right from opponents who wish to dilute it.

The trailer opens with a naive Danny Winters (played by Irvine) as he arrives in New York City and quickly becomes embroiled in the burgeoning gay rights movement, and ends with the eventual clash with police on Christopher Street. (The trailer is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The film will have its world premiere at next month's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and opens in theaters on September 25.