During a Fox News The O'Reilly Factor segment Tuesday, host Bill O'Reilly commented that “from the waist down, [Caitlyn Jenner] is a he.”

During the segment, which dealt with California state colleges allowing students to choose from six different genders, O'Reilly said that he does not understand what “misgendering” means.

“I don't even know what that means,” O'Reilly claimed.

“Well, if you call Caitlyn Jenner a he, then you get a $50,000 fine,” said Bernard McGuirk, executive producer of Mus in the Morning.

“Pardon me for this,” O'Reilly said. “But from the waist down he is a he. According to she.”

“No that's true,” McGuirk responded. “You're right. At this point, but that could change, I guess. I mean, I cringe at the idea.”

“Look, their goal is to have gender-neutral locker rooms, gender-neutral bathrooms,” he added.

“But if you have six choices,” O'Reilly interrupted, “you have to have six different heads.”